Noah's Island is the Television series which this wikia covers. The series, made by the creators of The Animals of Farthing Wood, ran from the 29th of September 1997 – 21st of December 1999.

Premise Edit

The series focused on the adventures of a polar bear named Noah (voiced by Ron Moody) and a bunch of other animals who had been captured and were en-route to a new life in London Zoo.

However the ship they were on was wrecked in a storm and the animals escaped. They find themselves on a mysterious floating island, a piece of land which has broken away from the Canadian coastline. The island becomes a sanctuary for a number of homeless animals. They work out how to get the island to co-operate with them and set off on a quest to find an uncharted island called Diamentina, while picking up other animals in peril along the way. Once they arrive there, it turns out to be more sinister than they imagined.

Episodes Edit

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The show ran for three series from the 29th of September 1997 – 21st of December 1999 for a total of 39 episodes. All episodes were written by Steve Walker.

Characters Edit

Main Characters: