Reg Draws a Map
Season 01, Episode 02
Reg Draws a Map
Air Date Unknown
Network CBBC on BBC One
Previous The Lost Zoo
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Reg Draws a Map is the second episode of Noah's island.

Synopsis Edit

The island is beset with territorial disputes. Having won the animals interest, Noah is continuing with his efforts to get them to co-operate as one community. However, Reg, believing Noah to be crazy with his eccentric ways, protests against it with his own idea of each animal having their own individual country on the island.

When the two animals both argue over their different ideas, Reg wins. Noah is left by himself. While some of the remaining animals try to sort out their problems, Noah recruits a small band of animals who are assigned certain jobs around the volcano. Meanwhile, all of the animals are finding it difficult to adjust to their new territories after suffering setbacks. They crawl back to Noah eventually realising that he was right about them working and living together as a family.