Sacha is one of the animals who appear in the television series Noah's island, a show about a bunch of animals who live on a floating Island. He is a Russian mole.

Sacha is loyal, humble, selfless, friendly, kind and cheerful desman is always willing to be of assistance but is mostly ignored by a lot of the other animals, with the exception of Noah with whom he develops a close friendship.

It may be said that the relationship between the two is similar to that witnessed between Badger and Mole in The Animals of Farthing Wood. He has a habit of incurring the wrath of others (even Noah) but is always willing to make up for any mistake he makes. Sacha has worked as a circus animal before he arrives on the island and has a dream to open up his own Island Circus. He wishes to use his performing skills to provide entertainment for the other islanders. His catchphrase is "Hoyski Poyski".