Sacha Finds a Home
Season 01, Episode 03
Sacha Finds a Home
Air Date Unknown
Network CBBC on BBC One
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Sacha Finds a Home is the third episode of Noah's island first series.

Plot Edit

Noah has a shower with the help of Mammothsbody, who uses his trunk as a hose. Noah explains his intentions to the mammoth of rescuing more animals from Spain as they pass the Iberian Peninsula.

But as Mammothsbody prepares to refill his trunk with water, a jellyfish lodges itself in his trunk and is accidentally sucked up! Noah has to rush the distressed mammoth to the infirmary where he finds Rocco lying across the operating table, Woomera impatiently attempting to remove him.

Upon seeing the stricken patient, the kangaroo knocks Rocco off the table. Rocco fists the jellyfish from Mammothsbody's trunk. At that moment Salomi enters and Mammothsbody proposes to her, but once again he is rejected as the female mammoth spots the jellyfish. A heartbroken Mammothsbody goes to Problem Walrus to seek advice on the matter but the walrus puts him down, telling him he is 'slow, dim, witty and clueless'. Later the island becomes home to a Russian desman named Sacha.