Search for the Baby Elephant
Season 01, Episode 06
Air Date Unknown
Network CBBC on BBC One
Previous Elephant Trouble
Next Doggies

Search for the Baby Elephant is Noah's island's sixth episode of its first series.

Summary Edit

Reg decides that his cave dwelling needs a splash of colour and therefore kidnaps the Baby Elephant to fill the vacancy of interior decorator. Tusker's ability to propel large quantities of paint across the cave walls proves most agreeable with Reg yet unfortunately the little elephant's grandfather does not seem to share in this venture. Grandfather elephant successfully rescues Tusker and dunks Reg in the remainder of the paint.

Reg, absolutely furious by this, decides to attempt to drop a large boulder on the elephants yet as always it ends in tears for Reg; who ends up running for his life from an out of control 2 tonne boulder!