Sparky is a small, white rabbit who lives on Noah's Island. He was the first creature Noah rescued. He never speaks, but the other characters are very good at interpreting his signing movements.

Sparky initially played the role of Noah's familiar, until Sacha arrived and formed a closer friendship with Noah. Sparky and Noah then became less close to each other, but Sparky didn't seem to mind this. Certainly, Noah still valued him highly, which is evidenced by his great sadness when Sparky was bitten by a snake and looked in danger of dying.

When the zoo animals came to the Island, Sparky became an assistant to Rocco and Woomera in the infirmary, although he usually did nothing more than hand tools to Woomera, who then handed them to Rocco.

Sparky came to Diamantina on the Island and initially enjoyed living there, but was affected by the floods, earthquakes and other natural disasters that frequently happened there. At the end of the third series, Sparky left Diamantina with the other Islanders and Gorm to live on the floating Island again.