The Island

The Island is where the animals in Noah's island live. It was originally a peninsula of the eastern Canadian coastline during the Late Jurassic Period 150 million years ago, until a meteor (known as the Fireball) fell from the sky and landed in the mountain, which consequently bacame a volcano. The force from the Fireball separated the Island from the mainland, sending it floating freely in the Atlantic Ocean.

Some time later, an abundance of plant life grew on the Island, and Noah the polar bear saw it and decided to explore it. Upon arrival, Noah discovered Salomi and Mammothsbody, two wooly mammoths who had been defrosted and revived by the Fireball. Noah also soon realised that the Fireball in the volcano (the Firebowl) was enabling the Island to float, and conducted several experiments to try to steer the Island using the Fireball's power.

Despite initial unsuccess, Noah became determined that he was going to use this island as a safe haven for animals who were in danger. The first animal he brought to the Island was a rabbit called Sparky, and he was quickly followed by most of the animals from a zoo who were shipwrecked while on their way to a new zoo.

Noah, Nab the orang utan and the Rhino soon worked out how to channel the Fireball's lava into the ocean, thus propelling the Island in whatever direction they wanted to go. This enabled them to set out for Diamantina, an island unknown to humans, where Noah believed they would all be safe. On the way to Diamantina, the Island passed several other lands, and many more animals were rescued.

Soon after the Island reached Diamantina, it was used to travel to other places to find mates for the animals, since most of them were the only members of their species on Diamantina. Eventually, the animals decided to leave Diamantina and live on the floating island again.